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CFD Index Trading

Overnight Financing Charges

Author: CFD Guru/Wednesday, April 30, 2014/Categories: CFD Trading Tips

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Trading Indices CFDs  

Different CFD Providers have different names for indices, probably for copy right or product development either way each provider calls there cfd of the index by a different name, such as the S&PASX200 indices as a CFD can be called ASX200 CFD or Aussie200 or AUS200 you get the idea, this can be the same for indices in any country that are tradable the DAX FSTE SP500 DJI… and on all of these you have to pay overnight financing as you are only paying 1% of the Margin, so if you are holding over night the Financing Charges will be deducted from your account and you don’t even see it, in fact in most cases the amount won’t show up on your bill as it would probably shock you :-} After all the sale pitch is these indices are virtually free to trade as there is no brokerage, Oh just the spread and you think that is cheap well its not actually but that compassion is another topic. My point here today is simply this, if your trading indices and your holding overnight, than use the Indices Futures contract CFD, such as the Australian 200 Indice Futures contract (SPI CFD) simply because Future CFDs don’t have Financing charges.

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